Doubting My Doubts

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Life is hard.

You were destined to fail.

That voice is right.

It’s better off if you bail.

Your heartbeat is pointless.

You’d look better pale.

You’re locked here forever.

Serving life in this jail.

You don’t matter.

You’d be better off dead.

These are just some of the lies.

That build up in my head.

At first I almost gave in.

Looking down at hands red.

I was so close to jumping.

But I took flight instead.

I know I’m not healed.

But at least I know I’m safe.

I look around my head.

And feel at peace with this place.

Once the poison leaves.

There’s so much more space.

Looking at the past causes a shutter.

But it’s not something I look to erase.

#selflove #mentalhealth

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